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Equipment for Sale or Wanted

Advertise your for sale or wants here, send image and/or description, price wanted etc to the Secretary

EA Antenna - 5 Band Cobweb 3 years old, been up for 2 years, requires new antenna wire fitting - Good resonance on all 5 bands - One fibre glass section has been repaired and functions within parameters. A good clean up and re-wiring and its ready for action.   Cost over £130 grab a bargain and a cracking antenna for 10,15, 17, 20, 40 .  all brackets and metalwork included.           £20:00p 

Contact: Secretary for further info.

1) Maplin XM21X 13.8v regulated linear PSU.

As this does not have metering I have built a separate unite to measure

output volts and amps. £15 the pair.

2) 18 metres (appx) RG8 coax £10

Many thanks

Roger G4WOI

10 metres 300 ohm slotted feeder

400+ metres SOTA green antenna wire

Donation to club funds appreciated

Roger G4WOI 

Approx 7 metre wind up mast - Bu